Potawatomi Hotel & Casino

Address: 1721 W Canal St
Phone: (800) 729-7244
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Category: Casino
Check Ins: 60871


  • VISIT Milwaukee

    Have you heard of the Stay & Play package? Area hotels offer discounts when you play at Potawatomi! Oh, and you get perks from Potawatomi, too! Ask your participating hotel front desk for details.
  • Mykl Novak

    "Play bingo at Potawatomi" - from the top 100 things to do before graduating from Marquette University
  • Derek Crawley

  • Eric Blasius

    Bingo is at 11pm nightly and is really fun!
  • Karen Lynnn

    Don't play if you can't afford to!
  • Nichole Locke

    The best tip for this place is to have fun and keep it entertainment!
  • candis leigh

    If i didnt work here I would not come here at all hahaha
  • Shane Bent

    Buddy bingo is the best
  • Vicki Robinson

    I need a big win
  • Jenni Cuellar

    Come see me as your Blackjack Dealer usually at the tables on the new (Dreamcatcher) side of the casino near the craps tables by bar 360 or on the old (Four Seasons) side on either section See ya soon
  • Clarence Schreiber

    Anyone for bingo!!!!!!!
  • Alexandria

    Electronic roulette at a screen, $2 minimum. Super fun!
  • Kobo

    Just keep in mind, people - You're not always gonna win money. It's called gambling for a reason, so stop taking out your losses on these hard working employees.
  • Clarence Schreiber

    Matinate is the best bingo session.
  • Natasha Lindow-Hilgendorf

    fun place to spend some time is the 360 bar.
  • LaShawndra Vernon

    Great food.
  • Samantha Knee

    Try the Yui Restaurant on the ground floor it is great.
  • Shannon Armstrong

    Don't give em all your money...
  • Jenni Cuellar

    Color up before you leave the table this way the dealer has the color to pay out which saves time then gettin a fill in case other table has enough of the color then theres no room. U can check chang
  • Matty

    One of (if not) the best $3/$5 NL games in the Midwest and the country.
  • Brandon Keirns

    always check for player comps. match play and food comps are almost always available from the firekeepers booth.
  • Erica Knoedler

    7pm Friday Bingo is Buddy Bingo! Best time to go to double your chances of winning!
  • Carolyn Dollison

    I love the buffet
  • Clarence Schreiber

    I enjoy the penny and two cent slot machines the best. They some good nickel machines also.
  • James Drewa

    A fun place to people watch
  • Marisa S

    Some people that come here think that dousing yourself in perfume substitutes a bath....
  • javier dehoyos

    Greet security at the doors they are very friendly.
  • Nieama Carter

    Great place . Great place to eat I don't gamble I don't play slots slots.
  • ANTH?NY D.

    Taz Is The Best Pit Boss and she's sexy..?
  • Emily VandenHeuvel

    Good place to people watch!
  • javier dehoyos

    Working the floor
  • Jeffrey Jacobs

    Don't walk the upstair hallways when Bingo lets out. You'll get trampled by motor chairs, middle aged African American women and people that want to eat at the over priced food court.
  • Kari R

    Play roulette with Stacey and you will never lose.
  • Mike

    Have fun, gamble & meet stars!
  • Marcus Nvrmind

    People always ask me what's the secret to winning.... it's very simple... know when to quit....
  • Joe Scannell

    If you haven't gambled and lost here, you haven't lived.
  • Chasity Cornelius

    Ahhh.... Smoke-free:)
  • Holden Gehrung

    Just win dammit
  • Paul Kais

    Had the crab leg buffet yummy!
  • William Krahn-Bowen

    "Great place too hangout and party" *but highly recommend not too gamble hear, go too ho-chunk casino instead*
  • Tanya Kapp

    Good times !! ... the dealers were helpful to this poker room newbie :)
  • Jayme?????? Ripple

    Use your club card when eating in the food court and you can also use your free cups downstairs to get free drinks upstairs!
  • Sari L.

    Ask for Eulia, Sari, Patrick or Keren at the Fire Pit Sports Bar! Damn good bartenders!
  • Jacquelyn Roloff

    Get money!
  • Dani K.

    tip your dealer :)
  • Mary DeLaat

    If you're looking for a great penny slot to play, give Wheel of Fortune a try! It's fun, easy and has a tendency to have some big pay-outs!
  • Meredith Friedberg

    Go on Sundays during football season and most Brewers games to the Firepit Lounge to see 540 ESPN events. Great prizes!!
  • Zach Kunde

    Scream BINGO when you get bingo! This place is famous for people mumbling bingo and it just pisses the caller and the players off.
  • Kytrel Malke

    Great place to get rid of money you don't want any more.
  • Keith Lally

    Don't go to Poto with Geoff, cuz if he wins you'll lose & if he loses you'll still lose, idk bad luck!
  • Josh Larson

    You can use your credit card to purchase bingo sheets.
  • Clarence Schreiber

  • Jess K.

    People watching is so entertaining here !! ... Make sure you Don't come to play breakfast bingo on Tuesday morning when they have. I went once then && i swear all the crazies come out!
  • Marissa Hansen

    Night owl bingo is always fun!
  • Clarence Schreiber

    If anyone checkout the casino might want to check this out too.http://www.listmyfive.com/d723634a/The-Top-Five-Reasons-to-Visit-Potawatomi-Bingo-Casino
  • Kham Xiong

    I work at the sports bar!! :D
  • Mark Slattery

    Broke joke
  • Jenni Cuellar

    When you come here look for me dealing @ your nearest blackjack table!
  • Brandon Keirns

    There is always at least one $5 blackjack table. Even on the weekends. Find it!
  • Tina Zais

    Long line but well worth it
  • Lindsey Broske

    Bathrooms are always amazingly clean. Which is always a plus.
  • ms rios

    Use ur fire keeper card get a discount
  • Fitz Bailey

    All you have to do is break even. Come on, you got this.
  • Phil Doran - Rock n' Roll Land

    Don't Miss all the Killer Concerts they have
  • RoadRunner

    Don't count your money while you're sitting at the table.
  • Brian Mechenich

    Don't go here to have a cocktail. Their prices went up, so you can help pay for their new Hotel going in. On April 10, 2013 a double jack and diet went from $7 to $9.25. Avoid this place.
  • Jason Gross

    Call up to 2 hours in advance to make sure you're at the top of the seating list when you arrive.
  • Clarence Schreiber

    Got to love bingo. Hopefully for a win.
  • Jesse A

    Don't split tens
  • Aly Ticali

    Don't get to drunk there..lmao. Enough said.
  • ANTH?NY D.

    You should be able to get an alcoholic drink at any hour!!
  • Chris G

    Decent enough casino in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. The highlight is the large bingo hall.
  • Donald Weyrick

    Fire strips today. Woo hoo
  • Peque Martin

    The 360 bar is awesome!!
  • ANTH?NY D.

    Best odds at casino war is one on one. Just you and the dealer.
  • Levin Salonga

    Casino valet for $3 sounds good
  • Nicholas Schmitz

    Koolbreeze is AWESOME!!!
  • Caitlin C

    Don't lose
  • jerome meyer

    Give me your money while playing poker
  • Michael McIlhone

    Always bet on black. -Wesley Snipes, Passenger 57
  • Tricie Frazier

    The buffet is really good. So many different foods to choose from.
  • Roger

    Win a lot of money
  • Kenney Crump

    Antonio is the worst waiter ever.
  • 'Dee Spears

    I won $200 using the electronic bingo
  • Kenney Crump

    The food is great
  • Marques

    Bring in the Kenosha casino!
  • Michael Slusar

    Don't ever waste your money at this place! You loose money pretty quickly at their machines, even the penny machines. They are greedy for your money and chances of winning here are slim. Never again!
  • Jessica Kerns

    You might as well take that $20 and light it on fire...just as much fun and return as playing these slots...and no free play for new members!?
  • Tracy Betz

    So NOT Vegas! Too many people and too smoky!
  • Matt Simms

    Hopefully no shootings tonight!
  • Carol Hauri

    Fun but tooo smokey
  • Oliver Leavitt

    Don't get shot!!
  • Kurtis Nienhardt

    This place will leave you crying at night
  • Byron Duran

    The Fir Pit, serves some really yummy wings;)
  • Marques

    Orb is gonna take it all
  • Natalie Polivka

    Love the decor in here :-)
  • Marques

    Play 22 on roulette table
  • Nieama Carter

    Non-smokers beware
  • Dave Larmann

    Fun place to go and try to win some money or just have a night out with friends. Creative architecture and vibrant energy make it a worthwhile trip. Right across the bridge!
  • Greg Wiedenhoeft

    They are trying to pay for hotel before they build it.
  • p

    Joy ride.....
  • Jimmy Bigs

    Gamble with me!
  • Tammy Janis

    And Scott is really good too!
  • Tammy Janis

    I think Peter is the best bingo caller out of everybody. You guys should let him work 7 days a week. And pay him overtime because he's the best u got!
  • Brandi Burnett

    My favorite past time
  • Brittany Brennan

    The Asian restaurant down by the casino area is amazing! Sorry forgot the name of it..
  • Ryan Flohr

    Easy game....nl that is
  • Kim C

    First and only visit....stayed for almost 10 minutes before the cigarette smoke forced me out. Not a good place for those with allergies or sensitive to cigarette smoke. The smell is everywhere.
  • Laurie Schultz

    Bring a gas mask for the amount of Cigarette smoke you will encounter. A Dr.'s paradise for job security.
  • p

    Don't lose all your money here.
  • Brittany La'Keisha

    When the money gone, go home
  • Tiffany Shackelford

    Breakfast Bingo can b pretty crowded... b 1st 2 get there
  • Scott Sax

    The layout can be confusing to some people. It is very easy to get lost especially when it is packed.
  • Jessica Peterson

    Batman game is awesome!!
  • James Adams

    Lunch at the EDR
  • Keith Lally

    If you're playing craps, its hard 6's and hard 8's all day, & of course the occasional YOOOO
  • Chris Sly

    Play the slots, or video poker
  • Tina Billings

    Need to only bring $20!
  • Megan

    Go visit the ESPN Milwaukee crew when you can for prizes during a sporting event. Stay away from the blackjack tables.... They can be addicting!
  • nicole hug

    Dont play if you dont have at least fifty otherwise waste of time and drive.
  • Paul Boellner

    Solid poker room and Sharaya being easy on the eyes makes taking bad beats just a bit easier.
  • Alex Nowakowski

    Great people watching! Bump its galore!
  • Evan[Bu]

    There's a severe lack of penny slots at this casino. You're most likely going to have to settle with 2 cent slots and a complimentary Mountain Dew. Enjoy...
  • Raymond Schroder

    Don't play the slots. They pay back little.
  • Karen Lynnn

    try dream dance. you won't regret anything but the bill
  • Jessie Modrzyk

    Make sure you are in a good mood and not crabby and bringing people down. I know in the buffet its all about joking around and having fun :)
  • Jason

    Avoid the new 8 deck shoes of blackjack.
  • Carla Letellier

    Service and attitude terrible at the Asian restaurant. Bathroom not too clean.
  • John Scholtes

    The eBay slot machine is my friend. It's my friend that gives me money.
  • Lisa Asbell

    Eat the KUYBI Japenese... Great FOOD!
  • ardith richter

    fun fun fun, free comedy club Sat nights
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