Miller Park

Address: 1 Brewers Way
Phone: (414) 902-4400
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  • ESPN

    Brett Wurst. Stosh. Guido. Frankie Furter. Cinco. Sausage Race. Bottom of the 6th. Be there.

    Miller Park features North America's only fan-shaped convertible roof, which can open and close in less than 10 minutes. Large panes of glass allow natural grass to grow.
  • Alex

    Go To A Brewers Game
  • Pepsi

    Come early before a game to enjoy lively tailgating. Go Brewers!
  • Audrey Depenbrok

    Stick around long enough to see the Sausage Races and sing "Roll out the Barrel" if you're lucky, the Brewers will hit a home run, and you'll see Bernie Brewer take a trip down the slide!
  • VISIT Milwaukee

    Track down the Pork Parfait. Enjoy every last bite.
  • Andrew Saied

    Catch a Brewers game!
  • Maggsbopp

    Fridays.. long islands. DO IT
  • Sports Authority

    Don't want to deal with game day traffic? Free shuttle buses to Miller Park from downtown Milwaukee are available with any purchase at Zim's Bar and Ouzo Cafe at 770 N. Milwaukee Street!
  • Stacy Anderson

    You can't go to a game without tailgating first!!
  • Jeff McAvoy

    Get the cheese fries in a helmet!
  • Jennee Molus

    If your're in Milwaukee this is a must! Secret stadium sauce, sausage races, and the best tailgates you'll ever find!
  • Mykl Novak

    "Tailgate at Miller Park on Opening Day" from the top 100 things to do before graduating from Marquette University
  • Jesse Green

    Vote for the sausage you'll believe will win the sausage race.
  • Chad Hohner

  • Mosey

    Secret stadium sauce goes good with anything.
  • Streetza Pizza

    Go to opening day!!
  • Paul Copsey

    Milwaukee Brewers baseball in its home stadium. Nice weather has to include tail gate parties and BEER!
  • Tim G

    You gotta tailgate! It's a great time with family and friends!
  • Kyle Maichle

    I have been there, Milwaukee has an excellent baseball atmosphere
  • Gianni Passerini

    Awesome sausage race
  • Milwaukee Brewers

    Welcome to Miller Park! Check in using At the Ballpark to unlock special offers and explore the stadium right from your phone.
  • Austin Jackson

    Never wear cubs apparel!!!
  • Dan Pfeifer

    Be a GOOD fan! Get to your seats BEFORE first pitch. Only leave your seat between innings would you walk in or out of a theater play anytime other than intermission? And STAY 'TIL THE FINAL OUT!
  • Mary Jane Sanchez

    Go to Long Wongs buy a beer and ride the shuttle
  • VISIT Milwaukee

    Welcome to Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers! This stadium is one of the few in the country to have a retractable roof so you can see a game in any weather or take a behind-the-scenes tour.
  • Roger Flores

    Go Brewers!!
  • Nick Heebsh

  • Ronald Buelow

    Great spectator stadium! Go Brewers!
  • Eric Stolzmann

    Get here early, fire up the grill, drink a few beers and bask in all that is summer!
  • Terrence

    Avoid traffic. Leave right after the sausage race
  • M. McKenney

    Bring your ticket stub by Leff's Lucky Town after the game and receive a free pint of Miller Lite or Highlife. GO BREWERS!
  • Milwaukee Brewers

    Dont forget to use At Bat on your Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod, BlackBerry or Windows 7 device to follow all the action on the field and around the league while you are at the park.
  • Linnea Esberg

    Go Brewers!
  • Jasper Mayzik

    The souvenir hat with the waffle cheese fries is irresistible
  • Jamie Topaz

    Drink lots of beer!
  • MLB

    Its a parking spot of historic proportions! OK, well you cant park there, but a plaque sits in the Miller Park lot where Hank Aarons 755th home run ball landed.
  • Brooke R.

    cactus league nachos. done.
  • Ashley Baeseman

    Go hotdog!

    Try a glass of Wavehopper from Big Bay Brewing Co., Shorewood. For the latest news in the palm of your hand, download our free app!
  • Danielle Neureuther

    Don't drink the water...its $4
  • Scott Mack

    Kids meals best deal in the ball park. 3.75 hot dog, sm soda, chips, and baseball card yahoo
  • Angela Kuhlmann

    This girl will make out with you for a free long island.
  • Elizabeth Bau

    Buy a 50/50 ticket everytime you come. You can win big bucks!!!!
  • Mark

    Bring a cooler & a grill... Miller Park is home to the best tailgating scene in baseball. Once you're inside the stadium, get a bratwurst or a polish sausage with onions, kraut, & Dsseldorf mustard.
  • Milwaukee Brewers

    Chow down on potato skins, Cajun shrimp and so much more at Front Row Fridays Sports Grill by the left-field gate.
  • Chelsey O

    Pulled pork parfait. That is all.
  • Andrew Billings

    If you need drinks inside the stadium go to Fridays for $7 long islands
  • Erica

    Be sure to catch the little weenie relay race on Sundays. So cute!
  • Mike Libertucci

    Be sure to try a loaded baked potato!!!
  • Phillip Maenpaa

    activate your BEAST MODE!!!
  • Chevrolet

    Sausage races, Bernie Brewer and fans singing Roll Out the Barrel at the seventh-inning stretch. Not a dull moment at Miller Park. #ChevyMLB #2011
  • Stacey Kannenberg

    Take a stroll around the stadium. Stand on the balcony overlooking center field with a clear view to home plate; don't forgot your mitt to catch a fly ball!
  • Jessica Jacobs

  • Wyn Douglas

    Awesome Bloody, solid meat/cheese/Wisconsin garnish. Even better when you're handed one at the gate.
  • Shawn Holmes

    Tailgate time!!!
  • Rachael Geraets

    If you've never been here you'll need a few beer bongs to become acquainted
  • Natasha Lindow-Hilgendorf

    Best long islands in town are sold at TGIFs
  • Scott

    Grill out and drink beer.
  • Derek Reilly

    Never ever have I: not blacked out at a Brewer game.
  • Donna Wetzel

    Go Brew Crew!!!!
  • Maribel Aranda

    Get the $20 nachos get a free hat!
  • Mick Zupan

    drink beer watch baseball
  • Jabril Faraj

    If it's a warm day, get a drink in air-conditioned Friday's.
  • Jasper Mayzik

    Italian sausage is boss !
  • Lori Scherer

    Rain or shine, you're getting a game! Be sure to stop by 'on the rocks' to get a tequila filled margarita from Huck :)
  • Holly Schilling

    The Poutine is definitely not as good as Red Dots on the Eastside.
  • An Stupid Idiot

    Come here and watch the packers win the nba championship bowl!
  • Gwynne C.

    If you tailgate, bring a garbage bag or two and clean up after yourselves. No news for poor tailgating etiquette!!! And recycle!
  • France Williams

    The margaritas are so good!
  • Linda Sevilla

    Get Brewer items a LOT cheaper at Wi active at mayfair mall!
  • Marc Gunderson

    Heading over to watch a game soon.
  • Michael S.

    Sit in section 426 and have a nose bleed!
  • Nathan

    Biggest lavatory of all the parking lots.
  • carolynn buser

    Pay someone to use their porta-potty. Way better than waiting in line after someone has puked in the public one.
  • Dennis Jenders

    "Free shivers!" Enjoy a cold one, make sure you buy a beer from the ICE MAN.
  • @MarquetteU

    Take the 10 bus from Miller Park to Marquette University's campus and beyond.
  • Jamison Hall

    Hdifjd ekdjdn sodekdnh dndwp- f disbdbdk
  • Peter Zanghi

    Beer here!
  • BigDogsSportsGrill

    Tail gate with Big Dogs Sports Grill before the Game. Great place to meet up with your friends before and after the game.
  • Tim L

    Go from ginger to lobster while drunk and not feel it until tomorrow
  • Ben Bryan

    Watch the Sausage Race during the mid 6th
  • Matt Cowan

    Worth the money to sit here.
  • carolynn

    sausage races are the highlight!
  • Nate Feuerer

    Have a drink with Coco
  • Jennifer Edic

  • Matt C

    Come to The Sin Bin at 39th and National after every Brewer game for an awesome'll leave saying "only at the Sin Bin"
  • Jake Smith

    For the best food deal in the park, hit up the ice cream booth at section 126; $4.25 for a huge portion of ice cream. Before you leave, be sure to check out "Autograph Alley," at the Left Field Gate.
  • Dana

    Pretzel Pit outside of section 111 is the best place for gigantic pretzels! Tip those ladies well!
  • Lacey Drea

    Section 213 has a demon child cub fan!! Way creepy!!
  • Jennifer Raley

    Great Games, Good Times, Great food, and Amazing Friends
  • Dave Lochemes

    Long island at tgif!
  • Matt Schmelzer

    Beerpen Fridays
  • Patrick Hoffert

    Sundays are family days with face painting, kid friendly activities & kids can run the bases after the game. Better line-up around the 7th inning though.
  • Zak Weiland

    Concession stand on right when you first enter serves amazing veggie dogs. brah!
  • Cooper Smith

    Arrive early for batting practice and snag a spot at the front of the tarp, it serves as a barricade to balls escaping further down the line. There might even be a ball wedged in there when you arrive
  • Jacob Spielbauer

    Check out the grilled cheese shop on the second level, first base side. The Southwest Chicken Salad sandwich is incredible.
  • Rhianon Kraning

    $10.50 bloodys are so worth it.
  • Andrew Kovaleski

    Woodys softball at brewers game!
  • Jelena

    Highly recommend scoring some seats in one of the all-inclusive areas! Brewers, beers, brats, and buffets - that's what our yearly Dew Deck Brewers games consist of!
  • Kyle Severtson

    Eff the packers
  • Jessica

    Always a good time!!! Just wish the beer was cheaper! But that's what tailgating is for!
  • Jonathan Wilk

    In WI, this place is only second to Lambeau Field!
  • Bradley Fisher

    Beware of those Honey Badgers!
  • Boogamadoo G.

    Look for Homer Simpson selling his favorite item here!
  • Phil Belongia

    The music isn't too bad. Most rockin' park in the majors!
  • Theresa Wong

    Reds blow
  • Natalie

    If you make it up to the club level, try the Fried Ravioli, YUM!
  • Melissa Rudin

    Veggie dogs at section 117, only place they are sold in the entire park!
  • Brandon Kraus

    Wrigley North!!!
  • Adam Schlosser

    If you're looking for a great tailgate party, park next to the bus section on a Saturday.
  • Cody Holden

    New Pickoff Pasta is awesome! Also be sure to grab a brat and smother it in Secret Stadium Sauce.
  • Mike S

    Do not try to start "the wave" at a critical point in the game you dumb ass.
  • Michael Meyer

    Great eats at Miller Park: Ribbies has great pulled pork, Cactus League Nachos has huge servings of deluxe nachos. Dont forget a margherita smoothie on a hot afternoon !!!
  • Michael Meyer

    Miller park is a wonderful and unique place to watch a major league baseball game. This stadium boasts a fan shaped roof that can open or close in a matter of minutes. The fireworks are awesome here!!
  • Duane Drzadinski

    Did you see? The Milwaukee Brewers mascot got his own themed beer. Sweet!
  • Joe Woitkowski

    Best ballpark experience for your money in the majors. Sausages, sausage races, tailgating, beer and most importantly great baseball.

    Colty played a good game
  • Keith Males

    I like getting hobo in an alley drunk and peeing on people's shoes during the 7th inning stretch.
  • Brandon Bartels

    Give Rickie a chance!
  • Dana

    Margarita stand near 232 is the worst.
  • Jeff Trowbridge

    Go brew crew
  • Teshawn Edmonds

    Come on, you Brewers! Pass me a keg of the cold, good stuff (beer).
  • Terri

    Chris at On the Rocks pours a GOOD V&T!
  • Kaboom Kolinski

    See Chris at On The Rocks on the 200 level for a good time.
  • p

    At least we won on opening day!
  • Jamison Hall

    Just the tip. . . Just to see how it feels
  • Kaboom Kolinski

    Watch out for that Brat. He's a sneaky one.
  • Jessica

    If u r a smoker always get the end seat
  • JT ??

    America!!! F Yeah!!!
  • Patrick B

    Watch the Brewers in real life!
  • Crystal Schmidt

    My favorite bit of Milwaukee, hands down.
  • Adam Lang

    The tear off stub on the bottom of your parking slip is good for a free soda inside the park.
  • Bryan Neuschaefer

    Maybe someone learns to spell
  • Ross Boettcher

    Go Brew Crew!
  • Cracken .

    Another one of the nicer parks I've been to. Find a shuttle from a downtown bar to take you there and don't forget the sausage race.
  • Jenny Wysocky

    Get Nachos!
  • Jennifer Nicole Ruby

  • Sports Authority

    Sport Your Pink and support the fight against breast cancer when you pick up your favorite pink team merchandise and apparel at Sports Authority during the month of October. Learn more here:
  • p

    Lets do it Brewer's!
  • Roy Turtenwald

    Buy 50/50 raffle tickets, great deal, and support local charity organizations
  • Justin Hake

    Cubs still suck
  • Jennifer Battistine

    Get the margaritas while here. The money spent vs the alcohol content = worth it!
  • Super Kaleb

    Best stadium ever. Only one with a open and closing roof.
  • Ashley Rae

    Drink plenty of Miller Lite. After all, this IS Miller Park and they ARE the Brewers. Bottoms up! ;)
  • Mike Collins

    Take a shuttle from a bar on Bluemound, Vliet, or State St. It's easy, the beers are less expensive and you get dropped off right behind home plate! :)
  • Rhianon Kraning

    Taco dip, Mexican corn, hot dogs yumtown.
  • Randy Kobat

    Don't sit on the 3rd base line during day games. The sun will be in your eyes until the 5th inning!
  • Brian

    Throw up the T for Nyjer Morgan instead of doing the wave in a one run game.
  • Matthew S.

    On a hot day, put ice on da nuts!
  • ????Trendy ???? Because I'm awesome

    Come buy a ice cold miller lite from my beer portable. Sect.125 smoking doors :)
  • Jacob Perse-Anderson

    Drinking beer while watching the Brewers kick ass!!
  • Jay Greenwald

    This row rocks!
  • Campus Socialite

    Even on a rainy day, beer, brats, and Brewers is a great way to start a true Wisconsin weekend! Don't forget to watch the sausage races during the 7th inning stretch!
  • Jennifer Reed't go wrong
  • Lindsey B

    Try the burrito right outside section 435.
  • Erik Cervantes

    Every time the Brewers hit a double play, yell out "Double double!"
  • Ben Bryan

    You have to get a Klement's sausage.
  • Brian Miller

    Wear mirrord shades, don't get caught checking out all the hot Brewers fans decked out in their cute lil gear
  • Ryan McGinnis

    Buy this man a beer!
  • Tyler Hoffman

    Next time buy your friend a ticket!
  • Katie

    Absolute worst bartender made strawberry margarita on the box level. Stick with the frozen ones in the park - much much tastier.
  • William Schroeder Sr.

    Keep turnin' up da heat.
  • Mary Ryan

    Aec 333 rocks:-)
  • Robert

    Bring a tent if you plan to tailgate in the rain.
  • Ross LaRocco

    Vendors that serve bacon. You know who you are.
  • ?? Lydia Mikoff

    Great bloody marys at the Beach Bar!
  • Janice Scurio

    Nice views of Prince Fielder's bum.
  • Aaron Olson

    absolutely go to a game if the crew is in town.
  • Jasper Mayzik

    Cop a Uecker ticket dammit. $1 tix that go on sale about 2 hours before game time at window #12
  • Scott Mack

    Go to A.J. Bombers for a burger then go to Fridays for a long island!
  • Lori Charlson Cantrell

    Awesome place and thanks for letting us use your facilities for our Regional Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses!!!!
  • Chris Sherman

    Eat at AJ Bombers!
  • Martin Buffington

    If you get to the park early and don't want to stand in line, go to Friday's and get dinner. Prices are reasonable and you can watch batting practice until they open the gates.
  • Jeanne Grusz??

    Wonderful venue for Oak Creek Senior High's graduation. Class of 2014
  • Adam Hernandez

    The best BLOODY MARY's.( dont eat the jerky thou)
  • Deb H

    Get a *veggie* brat at concessions by section 304.
  • Kevin Russin

    You have to get the beast. It a foot long hotdog stuffed in a brat wrapped in bacon.
  • Patrick Wright

    Must have!
  • Jared Ostrowski

    Have a beer and relax
  • Adam Brazeau

    Absolutely amazing
  • Joe Schubert

    The brats are the best here also go for the jumbo dog!!
  • Jennifer Legate

    Get here early when the Cubs are in town!!
  • Joseph K
  • Joseph K
  • Robyn Brunette

    Bring $7 to the game for roasted Almonds!! No cards accepted!! So yummy!!
  • Nate Pennington

    Awesome architecture
  • Jessica Trovato

    Awesome place for a tailgate party & barbecue! Fun, Fun, Fun.
  • Taylor Smith

    Any seat in this ballpark is worth the price. The air-conditioned field makes this one of the best places to watch a game.
  • Wade Schuerman

    Beautiful Ballpark. Every seat is a good seat. Well taken care of facility.
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match : St. Louis Cardinals vs Milwaukee Brewers
  • Steve Laviolette

    Buy your late season (when they are out of it) from stubhub a couple hours before the game.
  • Jon Nelson

    Kids area...sweet!
  • Discover Milwaukee

    Go Team GO!!!
  • BSA Troop 175

    Come here on Brewers Scout Day to support Wisconsin Boy Scout Troops.
  • BethAnn Brester

    Back row Beth gets to svore A great win to break 5 game losing streak
  • Kelly Hereth

    When tailgating use the bathrooms at the Helfer Field.
  • Duane Drzadinski

    Bringing the family for the Field of Sweet Dreams camping event? The morning wake up will be one to remember!
  • Valerie Knapp

    Really long concession lines due to $10 voucher. Go early..they run out of many items.
  • Matt Cowan

    Follow @RacingHotDog on Twitter.
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