General Mitchell International Airport (MKE)

Address: 5300 S Howell Ave
Phone: (414) 747-5300
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Category: Airport
Check Ins: 244825


  • Tom Snyder

    Feeling discombobulated? Look for the Recombulation Area! (BTW... it's almost always cheaper, faster and easier to fly out of MKE than O'Hare)
  • Cassandra

    Recombobulate yourself.
  • Paul Hepworth

    Smile when you board the plane.
  • Tim Cigelske

    Fly @southwestair. Coolest flight attendants ever.
  • Mallory Adams

    I love this airport. Virtually 100% stress free.
  • Mike Collins

    You're home: Yay! Get yourself a beer. You're visiting: Welcome! Get yourself a beer.
  • Justin

    Try Alterra Coffee (past security in conc D)! Local & delicious.
  • Paull Young

    Check out Renaissance Books before you go through the gates, really good independant bookstore with huge range
  • @MarquetteU

    Arrive as you are. Depart transformed.
  • Newby

    Welcome to Milwaukee! Come by Apartment 720 on Fridays and Saturdays to experience the city's best nightclub.... 720 N. Milwaukee St.
  • Matt Andrews

    No more free wi-fi :(
  • Ben Garvey

    Buy a book from Renaissance Books. The dopest airport bookstore in the universe.
  • Dani K.

    flyin on a plane
  • Nick Runge

    it's pronounced "mill-e-wah-que" which is Algonquin for "the good land."
  • Stacy Anderson

    I totally agree--Frontier/Midwest/Republic/whatever is a far cry from the excellent service Midwest was known for. So sad. They don't bake the cookies on board anymore and don't know what Leinies is!
  • NPR

    Welcome to Milwaukee! If you want to listen to the local NPR station, turn your dial to FM 91.1 (WHDI), 89.7 (WUWM), or 88.9 (WYMS). Enjoy your trip.
  • TJ Andres

    Wait to eat after security if you are going to terminal D. There is Nonna's and and Johnny Rockets.
  • Ben Wright

    Free wifi is gone, replaced by crappy and intrusive Boingo.
  • VISITMilwaukee

    A low-fare, easy travel choice offering dozens of non-stop flights, options for local cuisine, a GREAT used bookstore, the Gallery of Flight Museum and FREE ping pong while you wait for your flight.
  • jonathan brewer

    Get here early enough to grab a beer and bloody Mary before your flight.
  • Michael Vitucci

    Whiskey Bar, your first and last destination when in Milwaukee!!!!
  • natalie Moore

    No free wi-fi! This sucks!
  • Carin Carstens

    Avoid Delta
  • Ryan Thompson

    Since your in town, follow the life an times of @RyanThompson
  • Joe

    In case of a water landing, your seat will double as a live vest. And triple as a toilet.
  • Nicholas Zellmer

    TSA at the E concourse = rude, disrespectful and the old man there has saggy balls, which he isn't happy about.
  • Terrence

    update your prl
  • Justin Pagel

    Join the mile high club
  • Marjie Snyder

    After you've checked in, make sure to become a Fan on Facebook!
  • MidKnightStalkr

    I miss Midwest Express Airlines!!! Frontier has ruined our hometown airline!!!
  • Terry M

    I've got a little to for the morons out there, if your damn "carry on" doesn't even fit down the middle aisle of the plane, it's too big and you need to check it before boarding & holding us all up.
  • Ben Milne

    Dwolla Dwolla
  • David Horne Jr

    Make sure to arrive early as to not be late for your flight! Safe travels all!
  • Nikol Hasler

    Throw babies at that guy who blabs his head off through the red eye
  • Tyler Lindstad

    Check out Brady St. for neat shops and the best bars in the city.
  • Daniel Stone

    Fly Frontier. You get warm cookies.
  • John Hennen

  • Elisabeth Sampon

    If you're in for an early flight, stop at @ColectivoCoffee (Formerly Alterra)!
  • Tom Snyder

    Check out the new Johnny Rockets on the D Concourse combining great food with that classic 50s diner feel!
  • Jen Horton

    So many screaming children. I'm popping birth control pills like tic tacs
  • Chuy C.

    Hungry and thirsty swing by, Cafe Lulu just 4.2 miles north 2265 South Howell AvenueMilwaukee? WI? 53207
  • Joel Freeborn

    Mitchell Gallery of Flight is one of the great undiscovered FREE gems in Wisconsin. Check it out.
  • Connie K

    Never fly Airtran from here.
  • Joe

    Flying via airplane is cheaper and safer than flying via pterodactyl! But probably not as fun...
  • Barry Hott

    Check out the free business center by gate C20. Desks and power: all I need! This airport is pretty sweet.
  • Brendan Nee

    Cool aviation museum outside of security. I wish I could ride the Zeppelin from Frankfurt to Rio.
  • Brian Franklin

    Follow @allstar414 the coolest cat in this town
  • Newaukee Arts

    Get to know the real Milwaukee. Go to while you are in town for a list of upcoming free and ticketed monthly events.
  • Chris Sherman

    Table tennis is a fun way to pass the time here.
  • Christopher Stork

    Get a burrito at Altera's
  • Tyler Herrick

    Flying American airlines? You should be! Come find me and say hii! :)
  • Seth D

    Stop down to Buckhead Saloon and SUITE nightclub on Old World 3rd St downtown. Dress to impress.
  • Brendan Takash

    don't masturbate in the mitchell gallery of flight
  • Abby Yemm

    Love the ping-pong table! Genius.
  • ? janelle gunther

    tech types will find handy the tables with plentiful outlets for charging laptops and smartphones
  • Angel Mercy

    Only 15-20 mminutes to Chicago! Much better than the drive...
  • Aaron Mayo

    try northpoint before you go through the security checkpoint.
  • Daniel Stone

    Johnny Rockets!!!!
  • Kate K

    didn't see a starbucks within concourse d. only outside it. but u can't take liquids thru security. fail!
  • Julie Woodward

    The free wifi doesn't work and the hotspot you have to pay for. Not very conveniet.
  • Erin Moriarty

    Alterra veggie breakfast burrito is amazing! Yum.
  • Molly Nichelson

    Nonna's in the D Concourse is excellent. Try the salmon.
  • Joel Gillman

    Don't forget to do your civic duty and opt-out of the X-ray and "millimeter wave" scanners!
  • Laura

    Don't check a bag. Ever.
  • Nick Runge

    Ahhhh there's a bird in here!
  • Carrie McKenzie

    Layover in Councourse D? Eat at Nonna's! Delicious!
  • Alex MacKinnon

    Concourse C Chili's has Guiness, Dos Equis, Spotted Cow on tap
  • Dan Quinlan

    The baggage system is so bad. Plan on a long wait.
  • John Porter

    Lack of working power outlets in concourse c. Like olden times.
  • Ryan Thompson

    Check out Funjet Vacations then follow them on facebook & twitter, what the heck else is there to do at MKE?
  • Shani Friedman

    Only 1 restaurant past security. Eat before you go through!
  • Brook Scheiber

    Booze with me at the Delta Sky Club!
  • KD8KRS

    Easy access for city airport:compact & easy to maneuver!
  • Amanda Hagemann

    The security in concourse c is loosely governed chaos, definitely not getting the usual illusion of safer travel. (The alterra coffee is good though.)

    Workin...keep up.
  • Lewis Ezekiel

    Look for the dippin dots. Its the new ice crem of the future
  • Nick Damiano

    If you're not from the area, grab a New Glarus beer or two. They're awesome and only available in Wisconsin.
  • Samsonite

    Welcome to the home of Harley-Davidson! Make sure to grab a souvenir at the Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport store.
  • Nikol Hasler

    Shiver impatiently at the curb, remembering why you left this place
  • Unyime Etim

    Yellow is closer to the gate. So when you park in the garage look for yellow and try to avoid blue.
  • Kareem Smith

    If you're coming from downtown to mke, never take 94. Take 794 instead! Less drama and better scenery.
  • Dan Rogers

    Disgusting bathrooms. Avoid at all costs.
  • Tracy Anderson

    Have fun watching the Super Bowl!
  • Robert W

    Free wifi
  • Margot Bloomstein

    Plan ahead and carb up at Kopps Custard instead of eating at the airport itself!
  • Deuser

    Good shoe shine guys.
  • Milwaukee Moments

    Dropping off my esteemable friend for his flight to San Diego where he'll be inducted into the rarefied circle of national PRSA Fellows.
  • Andy Ognenoff

    Hit up my man Shelton on Concourse D for a shoe shine. Super nice guy and great work.
  • Avery Jenkins

    "I'm leavin' on a Jet Plane, don't know when I'll be back again!!"
  • Mark Slocum

    Funny how the mayor is someone who doesn't even work here..... Just sayin
  • Heather Mumm

    Pianist in the main concourse playing beautiful Christmas music during December. Love it.
  • Stephanie Schneck

    Hungry after you've landed. Come to Saz's for the finest BBQ in town!! 5539 W State Street or check out for more info!! A true Milwaukee favorite!!!!
  • p

    Get on an airplane.
  • Ryan Schuelke

    Watch out for the $5 ATM fee in the main concourse. Ouch!
  • Jake Voorhees

    Airtran all the way
  • Jason Gorman

    Remember ur keys

    Opt out of the body scanners.
  • david carlisle

    Samuel L Jackson is on my flightz; this can't be good.
  • Laura Parker

    Mmmmm. Chix veg soup at Nonnas....seriously homemade
  • Anthony Massino

    Try the usingers deli!
  • Chris

    Vibram five fingers go through security without coming off! Bonus.
  • Sol Armada

    Northpoint- best burger , cheese curds and shakes!
  • Michael Watkins

    Brake ride a plane from the IAB to C14
  • Robert Lowery

    If you are picking-up someone, use the cell phone parking lot to the right.. First 30 minutes are free.
  • Jessica Dunbar

    Security wasn't an issue, Lines are never long. Perfect size airport!
  • Linda Leeson

    Comfy leather club chairs at D52
  • Aaron Wiech

    Nonnas, good in gate D
  • Dan Hendricks

    This airport has nothing good after security in any concourse. You have to leave security and visit the main terminal area if you're here on a layover to find anything good.
  • Michael Stokes

    Air Canada!!
  • Jon McClay

    Check out the Red Box when you enter the airport from the 3rd level sky walk! An extra movie is always good and you can return them to any Red Box in the country!
  • Sgt Jojo

    Grab a cuppa from Collectivo coffee while waiting for your flight. Great coffee and tea selections!
  • Richard M

    A beer before the trip
  • Brandon Groh

    Also known as Randolf Airport
  • Evan Manning

    Be ready when your flying out of here. This place feels disorganized but the people are nice. Also don't get run over crossing the street to pick up your rental car. People don't stop, just walk.
  • Charles Koch

    Park on level 3 for easiest terminal access.
  • Hayato Takahashi

    The bathrooms smell great! /notsarcastic
  • Adrienne May

    This may be the prettiest airport I've been in!
  • Adam Banz

    Actually, it's pronounced "mill-e-wah-que" which is Algonquin for "the good land." -Alice Cooper
  • Sister Mary Karalyn

    The TSA people in concourse C are inept asshats. Try not to punch them in the face, even though they seem to be wanting it.
  • Terry M

    If you are overly kind to the agents checking you in, you just might score a favor or an extra nice seat.
  • Brad Grzesiak

    Nice ping pong table on the second floor outside of security. :D
  • Dustin Schirer

    Mill-e-wah-que is Algonquin for "the good land." Party on.
  • Patrick Garrigan

    There's a green space for dogs near the United arrivals curblane.
  • Patrick Stich

    This airport really needs to be updated. Concourse D and E especially.
  • Sean Lay

    When waiting for someone, bring a friend so u have something to do.
  • Sara

    This airport sucks for checking in. I hate this airport.
  • Aga Artka

    Soon we will have a brand spankin new baggage claim area :) not sure who is the architect. Do you?
  • Chris Mayer

    Bring gloves
  • Jimmy Yttri

    Baggage return sucks!
  • Jon Boles

    Use Tabit to order/pay from your mobile device in the greater Milwaukee area.
  • Ed

    After feeling the wrath of O'Hare earlier today, I'm so happy to call this my home airport,
  • Tiffany Nienow

    don't change your name
  • Brian Amos

    Catch a plane! Airports are known for them.
  • Bloomberg TV HD

    Welcome to Milwaukee. As of 2011, Wisconsin had the best-funded pension system in the United States at a pension funding rate of 99.8%. Second best is South Dakota.
  • Joe Scannell

    Don't worry about getting there too early; rarely any lines during security.
  • Patrick Stich

    Delta is THE most pathetic airline. Their flights are always delayed forcing missed connections. Doesn't Even Leave The Airport - DELTA.
  • Brett Paynter

    Rent from avis they have the best selection of cars, including BMWs
  • Kristin Treslley

    Need an ice cold pint and the best Ruben in the city?! ... Head to Mo's Irish Pub! $5 Apps 3-6 .. Happy Hour Drinks 3-6 ... Impeccable service and outstanding looking babes in short kilts! :) Giddy Up
  • Bryan Wilkie

    Anyone else want to grab that string that's been stuck on the baggage claim 2's belt forever?
  • Travis Bergsgaard

    This place has the best bacon.
  • Jenny Moceri

    Don't go to Cleveland
  • Rebecca Danielson

    Jared and paige taking airplane ride
  • Jenny Wright

    No free wifi, but stress free environment, friendly people
  • Ryan Law

    The X ray machines are banned in may opt out if you choose.
  • Rob O

    Opting out is the best idea. Ya know to retain your civil rights
  • Scott Colquett

    Northpoint makes the best burger I have ever eaten in an airport. Period! (actually that is an exclamation point. Ironic)
  • Dan Briese

    No free wi-fi!? Wtf!
  • Iversen

    There's no white people except everyone
  • Tom Hughes

    Duh!! Free in a hotel parking lot.
  • Geoff S.

    Fly AirTran! Had a great experience on the flight!
  • Gs Dow

    Starbucks infront of Concourse D sucks!!! Do not order from there.
  • Geoff S.

    Fantastic second-hand bookshop in the main terminal - Renaissance Books!
  • Shannon K

    Do not leave your baggage unattended at any time! Fly safe all...
  • Angelica Ross

    The Massage Chair is totally worth the $5
  • Matthieu Vollmer

    Stop by Chilis for a bloody mary!
  • Michael "Mayor" Maher

  • Pawn Meksyphet

    If you hate young kids on flights, buy headphones or shoot yourself in the face for hating kids, you heartless d-bags.
  • Andrew M

    Don't pack cheese curds in your carry-on if you are in a hurry. Just sayin'.
  • Craig Leonhardt

    If you are flying out of the C Concourse, eat before you go through security. Your only option is a Chili's. That's it.
  • Alex F.

    Bark twice if you're in Milwaukee.
  • Dave

    Is this the least vegetarian friendly airport in the USA? It has to be in the top 3.
  • Ken G

    Pretty straight forward airport but no wi-fi! :-(
  • Debbie Leight

    They don't take mobile boarding passes!
  • Charley

    I've never had a flight in or out of here that wasn't at least an hour delayed...
  • Mitchell Airport

    Who wants to win an iPad2 from Mitchell International Airport? Find us on Facebook at for your chance to win!! Other great prizes include an iPod Touch and Nano!
  • Mark Roozen

    If ur gonna lay on floor - try not to do it in front of 4 seats!! For the love of god!!
  • Nicolle Mueller

    This airport is typically smooth but this morning was crazy! Parking garage full.
  • Cole Kennedy

    Who was the genius that decided to separate concourses from the main terminal? NOTE: I DON'T WANT CHILI'S!
  • Scott Schmidt

    United doesn't like rain or customers. See you in the bus line to Chicago. Next time fly Delta.
  • andy ford

    Little known fact General Mitchell is buried under C terminal.
  • Kate Silver

    Be sure to visit the used bookstore in the main terminal.
  • Holton Hawkins

    FIB's are learning the joys of MKE, much easier to fly in and out of than either Chicago airport.
  • Shaun Jacobsen

    Awesome stress-free airport.
  • Isaac Hinds

    The massage chair by gate d36 is amazing.
  • Michael Kent

    This is an old airport with design/layout issues. Get here a couple minutes early to check out the Billy Mitchell Museum.
  • Chrystal Williams

    Big storm coming. Get an early flight if u can.
  • Chrystal Williams

    Be sure to stop and grab a book at the many shops.
  • J F

    Alterra Baking Co, local yokel sammich...
  • Dane Hartzell

    French Meadow Bakery (organic) on the C concours
  • Jen14221

    No USAir club. No United club. Not cool.
  • Stef

    mucher smoother and easier then o'hare!

    Dear MKE, put a bar in concourse E!
  • Chris Simms

    Grab something to eat before heading into Concourse E....nothing after security right now.
  • Amy Tuggle

    I somehow got the fratastic badge for checking in here. I'd rather be @ a bar :(
  • Laura Creighton

    I love this airport, but the water from the water fountains always seems musty.
  • John Herman

    Johnny Rockets sucks
  • Mary Crawford

    Alterra Coffee has the best veggie wraps for breakfast - by gate D39
  • duG

    Milwaukee's hottest strippers can be found in terminal C every thurs+fri afternoon. Say hi, tell them you party, get some!
  • Annie Bowles Angelo

    Alterra veggie burrito is the reason I route through mke.
  • Michael Kaufman

    Watch the time on your parking ticket. Mine was off by 15 minutes and cost me a extra hour.
  • Brad P

    Smells bad
  • Jeremy Yum

    This airport is way cheaper than flying in Madison airport
  • Tina Mallon

    Cute little airport
  • brigita

    Start your trip on a bad note with the Fox News playing at every gate! #facepalm
  • GG

    If you have to change planes and the lay over is more than 1 hour, make sure you eat or have a sack snack cause eateries are slim to none! "Seriously" the bathrooms nice are though??
  • Sarah Zollner

    No free wifi :''' (
  • GayHills GayHills.Com

  • Kindra Loferski

    Check out the new Miller Brewhouse in the main terminal!
  • Justin Maillet

    Only airport with a ping pong table, how cool is that.
  • Tony Webster

    PAID WI-FI? What. Is. This. I. Don't. Even. Did it suddenly become 2006 or something?
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